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Handmade Jewelry for the Empowered

Timeless designs with cultural infusion

cendrawasih by popnicute jewelry


Irrefutably Charming Collections


Cute bird or sea turtle? A great gift for an animal lover.
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Gathered so fluidly you can hardly believe it's metal!
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Marrying straight lines and organic shapes for a beautiful contrast.
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Popnicute Hearts

A signature blend of unique heart stone and flattering wire framing.
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Weed or useful? Either way these white fluffy puffs are my favorite!
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Moon Crater

Copper pipe is forged so skillfully to form this work of art.
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Get To Know Popnicute

kharisma sommers jewelry designer

Hi! My name is Kharisma, a self proclaimed Dream Visualist. I help people make their dream jewelry come true, brilliantly!

As a creative soul, I love creating with my hands. Fabricating jewelry has been my passion since I was a teenager that lead to a full time profession in my adulthood. Although I'm a jewelry artist now, my background is actually in visual communication design which deeply influenced my aesthetic in developing my style. I make every effort to deliver original designs for Popnicute's patrons and collectors.

Kharisma Sommers

Award Winning Jewelry Designer and Metalsmith

I Take Custom Orders

I love a good artistic challenge. One that makes me dig deep into my brain and blossom from it. Full creative freedom, that's all I ask. My fees are reasonable.

If you love my style, let's have a chat!

Words from Popnicute's Collectors

moon crater copper ear stud by popnicute jewelry

H. Charles Slater

Kharisma's work is outstanding. I have had many compliments.

marriage proposal heart copper brass agate by popnicute jewelry


Wow the heart looks so amazing and I'm excited to actually hold it!! I'm using this heart to propose to my Joan. (SHE SAID YES!)

winged heart mini pendant copper brass by popnicute jewelry

Donna Marousis

Wanted you to know that Angelic, Spy, and myself LOVE. LOVE. LOVE the pendant. Also, want you to know I couldn't be happier with the ring.

Journaling is for suckers but I do it anyway


pink dogwood flowers

Spring in Confidence: A Dogwood Flower Story

Once in a while, to put that lightly, I fall into a well of despair and wallow in self pity, whether it’s about my appearances, my art, my business, my social life, and so on. I can’t help it. I’m always so hard on myself despite being so laid back about everything else. I’m a walking oxymoron. Lately it’s been one of those episodes. I’d been unhappy about my body. My shoulders are no longer toned, they’re soft and shapeless like pancake, I felt like I gained weight (whether it’s factual or not that’s besides the point ~ human psychology is weird), and

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