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Hi! Pleased to meet you! I'm Kharisma, your very own personal Dream Visualist. My mission on earth is to bring you joy by making your dream jewelry come true. Browse dozens of whimsical, unique jewelry designs or commission me!

Show-stopping handmade art jewelry by Popnicute Jewelry.

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Moon Crater 

Own the original creations by the pioneer of air chased copper pipe jewelry. Started from a humble beginning and later transformed into wearable art for you to enjoy. Each one is handcrafted to be one of its kind. From micro mini earrings to a large, statement cuff bracelet, this is truly a collection you don't wanna miss!



What did people say about Popnicute?

moon crater copper ear stud by popnicute jewelry

H. Charles Slater

Your work is outstanding. I have had many compliments.

marriage proposal heart copper brass agate by popnicute jewelry


Wow the heart looks so amazing and I'm excited to actually hold it!! I'm using this heart to propose to my Joan.


winged heart mini pendant copper brass by popnicute jewelry

Donna Marousis

Wanted you to know that Angelic, Spy, and myself LOVE. LOVE. LOVE the pendant. Also, want you to know I couldn't be happier with the ring.

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Mind me.

How to wear ruffles that last more than a season
How To
Kharisma Sommers

How to Wear Ruffles that Last More than A Season

  Ruffles are back in season!!! Girly ruffles have been featured in fashion for centuries – albeit modernized from time to time. They always make a comeback! Even in my tomboy years, I was drawn to wearing ruffles. I guess the girl in me wanted to come out of the

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pink dogwood flowers
Photo Journal
Kharisma Sommers

Spring in Confidence: A Dogwood Flower Story

Once in a while, to put that lightly, I fall into a well of despair and wallow in self pity, whether it’s about my appearances, my art, my business, my social life, and so on. I can’t help it. I’m always so hard on myself despite being so laid back

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