5 Reasons: Popnicute Hearts are More Than A Valentine’s Day Gift

5 Reasons Why Popnicute Hearts are more than a Valentine's Day Gift
Empowering women with its magic since 2009, Popnicute Hearts collection has become a symbol of self-love and meaningful gifts.

Popnicute Hearts jewelry collection came from my love for hearts. 

“Heart of Meli” Reversible Heart Pendant – Argentium Silver, and Labradorite
“Heart of Lucy” Pendant – Silver, Sterling Silver, Fine Silver, Dyed Drusy Agates

Despite growing up as a tomboy, heart shapes have always had a special place in my heart. For some reason, I became a hopeless romantic and doodled heart shapes all over my student workbooks. 

Since Popnicute Hearts come in the shape of a heart, one may associate it as a gift for Valentine’s Day —

But I will tell why they're much more than that...

A month or two leading to Valentine’s Day, every store starts to paint their decor red and pink to celebrate. Restaurants are fully-booked with couples validating their romantic love to each other. Valentine’s Day has been degraded to yet another consumerism holiday. It has lost its meaning.

Even before you put away your Christmas ornaments, you are rushed to decorate your home with pink. Men are feeling forced to buy cheap chocolate and expensive flowers to profess their love.

While men are stressed out from the pressure, it’s the saddest day for the non-couples! Truth be told, it’s a mean holiday for the singletons when you think about it.

It's anything BUT love...

Love isn’t something that’s reserved for a commercialized holiday. We don’t need a holiday to show our love to one another… I prefer to gift someone on their special day, like birthday or anniversary.  

This is where Popnicute Hearts comes in. You don’t need a customary gift but a meaningful love declaration to yourself or to a loved one.

Happy Dumb Day by Lunar Baboon
Happy Dumb Day by Lunar Baboon

Why Popnicute Hearts?

1. Because You are Special.

reversible heart pendant green labradoritereversible heart pendant green labradorite

You deserve something better than commercialized chocolate in a heart shaped box. You deserve something that is uniquely YOU. A piece of art! As the designer and creator of Popnicute Hearts, I handpick each heart pendant to make sure they look fantastic. For example, if it’s a labradorite, it must have an enchanting flash!

Unlike mass-produced jewelry (or chocolate), each one is artfully handcrafted from scratch. To make them even more meaningful, I design each one to fit you. Whether it’s an initial on the back or a full-blown eccentric frame, I make sure each one is personal.

2. Because You're Everlasting.

“Heart of Christiana” – Chrissy from Cyprus loved feathers and she asked for her custom heart pendant frame to be made into a feather with a skinnier border wrap.

Don’t get me wrong. I loooove chocolate (especially European chocolate!) so much I eat chocolate for breakfast. But as much as I adore chocolate and roses, one thing they have in common is that they don’t last.

One bite and they’re gone.

Popnicute Jewelry is made to be enjoyed for a lifetime (and more). Each one is created with your story in mind. A special story that you carry with you. You’re welcome to customize your Popnicute Heart to your heart’s desire.

It’s not an instant gratification. But like they said…

3. Because Nobody Should Ever Be Singled Out.

“Winged Heart 3.0” – A colorful agate is the focal of this steampunk heart pendant. Custom designed for Gabriella from the Bahamas.

As someone who was single for 25 years, I know the pain of watching your friends paired up and receiving Valentine’s Day cards from their boyfriends. Although I cheered for them, my silly lonely heart couldn’t help but cry.

Single or not, I care that you love yourself enough to buy YOU a gift. Maybe it’s a celebratory gift of your recent promotion or a birthday gift that you choose for yourself.

We should not feel burdened by a silly holiday.

4. Because You Are Loved. Every. Single. Day.

Steven drew this for me as an anniversary gift.

You don’t need a holiday to say “I love you”.

Love is not isolated to one day a year. My husband and I say it to each other more than 10 times a day. We don’t need a holiday to surprise each other.

As an aspiring comic artist, he sometimes would draw a cute picture for me out of the blue or on a special occasion that is meaningful to both us. Some other times I’d bake the cookies that he loves.

Each day is a gift and should be celebrated.

5. Because You're YOU.

“Will You Marry Me?” – A custom designed proposal heart token. Mamush from USA proposed to his girlfriend in the Philippines with this heart.

You don’t buy Popnicute Hearts only because they’re beautiful. You order one because you feel connected, you have a story to tell. It’s like an extension of your artful soul. When you’re feeling gorgeous, you put it on your neck; beaming with delight and creative magic.

You’re inspired and an inspiration to the people around you.

BONUS POINT: You’ll get tons of compliments for it as you’re great at showing off your personal style.

Popnicute Just Turned 10 !

For a limited time, add a custom single initial for ONLY $20.19 !

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Offer ends on Feb 28th.

Popnicute Hearts magical $20.19 offer. Valid for the first 10 customers only!
Popnicute Hearts magical $20.19 offer. Valid for the first 10 customers only!

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5 Reasons Why Popnicute Hearts are more than a Valentine's Day Gift


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