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Popnicute Mission


My mission on earth is to bring JOY to authentic and quirky individuals like you by making awe-inspiring jewelry that empowers your creative soul.

Each jewelry is artfully handcrafted from scratch inside my home studio in Quincy, IL. 

Show off your true self and style no matter how weird, how offbeat, how far from the “norm” it is.

4 in 1 sunflower necklace by Popnicute Jewelry
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Is your life a juxtaposition? A paradox that not everyone gets? A tomboy who loves flowers and ruffles?
You've come to the right place!
In Popnicute, we celebrate strong women with authentic styles.

Whimsical jewelry for your creative soul

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  • 𝗜 𝗔𝗠 𝗪𝗛𝗢𝗟𝗘.⁣
To be whole doesn't mean you always have to be in a state of perpetual happiness. To be whole means you're accepting "the whole enchilada". The good, the bad, the happy, the sad, the hard, the scared, the glad, all of that.⁣
By accepting you for who you are, you become whole. Then you can work on to being wholesome by taking care of your mind, body, and spirit in a positive way. ⁣
There are about 30 different parts that needed soldering on this pendant.⁣
30 different individual pieces that are combined into one to represent wholeness. If one piece came apart, it would not be whole anymore.⁣
Don't pick yourself apart. Present yourself as a whole because you're you. Be authentic, be you.
  • A little demo of how I made the I Am Whole pendant. The whole process was 10 minutes compacted in 2 short minutes. Would you like to see more videos like this?

Too bad half of the footages were of my hair covering the camera so I had to cut a lot of scenes out 😅 It's what happened when you're flying solo. But by all means, enjoy the video and the ASMR!

I used Smooth Set bezel pusher from @flowmke2 ❤️ to close the bezel on round 1 then proceeded to make a tighter setting with my motorized hammer handpiece. Surprisingly, the Smooth Set is strong enough to push argentium silver bezel despite being made of acrylic! I can think of other uses for it but that's a topic for another day.

The finished product can be found on my website 🌼
  • It's the beginning of 2020, it's time to do a yearly review of 2019. I'm having a hard time deciding which artistic direction should I take in 2020 for my single product photos for social media (listings will stay with white background). So this is where you come in. As the person who likes to see Popnicute on your feed, which of the following photos would stop you dead on your track from scrolling whether to like it or leave a comment on?

1. Plain black gradient (honeycomb necklace).
2. Travertine with props (Helen's sunflower necklace).
3. Rustic black gradient with a quote (heart necklace).
4. Plain "concrete" (tree of life ring). I appreciate your opinion! 🥰 •

#popnicutejewelry #popnicute #newdirections #yourvoiceyourvote #votetoday #artisticdirection
  • Closing 2019 with a bang!⁣
These are the best 9 designs that I made in 2019 from my garden studio. Which one is your favorite? Or is your favorite one not listed?⁣
1. Heart of Ann necklace (@anndearing  commission).⁣
2. Sunflower necklace.⁣
3. Heart of Emily necklace (commission).⁣
4. I Am Grounded necklace.⁣
5. Honeycomb rings.⁣
6. I Am Blooming ring.⁣
7. I Am Sacred heart necklace.⁣
8. Sunflower Earrings with chain.⁣
9. Sunflower of Helen necklace (@intolerantcrafty commission).⁣
I made quite a lot of new designs this year. Some project are undone but more are done and listed! A big improvement over 2018.⁣
More amazing floral & animal designs coming in 2020. 😉 See you there!!
  • 🎄 SPECIAL: Buyer ghosted me TWICE so without reserving the stone so this gorgeous, full-flash Labradorite heart CAN NOW BE YOURS! 
Does this amazing heart call for your name? 
For $530, you can get this glowy green heart made with a custom piercing/wire design on the "back" side. Currently, the approved design was a steampunk dragonfly but it can be changed into anything that's dear to you. A cat, a dog, or a butterfly?

First come, first serve. ONLY ONE AVAILABLE! A celebratory gift to yourself, maybe? 
Payment plan is available. Checkout with Partially to split the payment up to 2 months period. 
#popnicutejewelry #popnicute #customjewelry #custommadejewelry #instagiftguide #beautifulheart #myheart❤️ #myheartisfull
  • My #yearofcolour on Instagram in 2019. Never would've thought that the blues were this many but I suppose there were splashes of blues on the stones, walls, and some of the outfits in the pictures. •
How does your year of color look like? •
#colorsofinstagram #instacolour #lovecolors #popnicutejewelry #popnicute  #yellowisthenewblack
  • How was your Christmas? Ours was celebrated at his parents home per usual with so many people (2 parents, 4 children, 2 daughter in laws, 1 fiance, 6 grand kids), good food, and too many gifts to counts! 
I baked molten lava cake (yum) and my MIL prepared chicken and rice with red beans and rice. We ate until we're bloated, played video games with the kids, took pictures, hung out with the family. 
I hope y'all were having a great time too!! Merry Christmas 🎄🎀🎁🥳💕
#christmas🎄 #merriment #popnicutejewelry #popnicute
  • If you're looking for last minute but meaningful gifts, @popnicute is now available at a Quincy salon @evokesalonboutique 
Each item is handcrafted to make the wearer feeling happy and empowered. By buying from the salon, you're helping 2 small business owners to provide warm food and shelters for their families 🥰🥰 Words from the spunky owner, Jamie @BLEU_PAON: "Welcome to @popnicute 🧡 we love her beautiful handmade jewelry so much that we made a space to share her passion! Each piece speaks with whimsical, yet sophisticated style and the are one of a kind. I especially enjoy the guitar pic 🤘🏻" Come #checkitout! ➡️ #evoke #quincyil #thedistrict #quincyilsalon #artist #jewelry #shoplocal  #artistshop #eclecticdecor #buyhandmade #lovehandmade #instagiftguide
  • Still shopping?

Find your jewelry soulmate at Popnicute Jewelry.

With the holidays fast approaching, I wanna help you to find that delightful piece that speaks to your soul. 
In the spirit of gifting, I wanna reward you with these sweet deals to end the year in a high note! 
With every purchase. 
On any of the available Popnicute Hearts. Copper or Silver.
Just let me know which initial you wish to be placed on the heart.
Exclusion: Custom orders.

On any item that pairs with Magical S-Clasp.

Offer ends on Dec 18, 2019. 💖 Shop now at 💖
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