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How to Bezel Set a Sharp Corner

How to close a bezel corner neatly by popnicute jewelry

Bezel setting a sharp corner is a challenge for a lot of jewelers. Through my learning and experimentations, I found a method that works for me. Today, I’m sharing this method with you. I hope you can learn something from this bezel setting tutorial. Leave me a comment or questions and I’ll do my best to answer it if it’s within my knowledge limit 🙂

Here is the list of tools needed to bezel set a sharp corner. They’re pretty basic tools that most jewelers would have in hand.

bezel set a sharp corner tools

bezel set a sharp corner tools

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Universal work holder vise –

Barrette file, Swiss cut #2 –

Foredom flex shaft –

Silicone wheels (extra mandrels would be nice to have) –

Moldable plastic –

Brass bezel pusher –

Nylon head hammer –


PS: You don’t need to use these specific brands. Just use what you have. I happened to own these tools and materials so they’re my personal recommendation.


Watch the video below.


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