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How to Bezel Set a Sharp Corner

Bezel setting a sharp corner is a challenge for a lot of jewelers. Through my learning and experimentations, I found a method that works for me. Today, I'm sharing this method with you. I hope you can learn something from this bezel setting tutorial. Leave me a comment or questions and I'll do my best to answer it if it's within my knowledge limit :) Here is the list of tools needed to bezel set a sharp…

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Mini Drill Press Demonstration

A mini drill press demonstration. This was a request from Jackie Nolan. She saw that I owned a mini drill press during my live studio tour and asked me to show how to use it. A mini drill press is an essential tool for me. I do a lot of piercings and having a mini drill press is a lifesaver. For some reason drilling with a flex shaft seems dodgy to me. I was always haunted by…

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Popnicute Jewelry Studio Tour

Yesterday, I talked about storing cabochons and pendant beads. Today, I'm bringing you to a virtual tour of the inside of my studio, live from Quincy, IL. You get to see the inside of my studio, the latest layout of my studio, which currently I'm quite happy with the flow. Everything is pushed to the side so I have a lot of free space in the middle. My photography station used to be in the middle of…

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Storing Cabochons and Pendant Beads

After talking about my favorite stones yesterday, today I shared tips on how do I store them. Storing cabochons is quite challenging due to their irregular shapes. I constantly changed my way of storing my cabochons but so far this way worked well for me. I used a lot of plastic organizers and shoe boxes like you can see in the live video. These are a recap of topics I talked about in today's live video. Storing cabochons.…

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My Favorite Stones

On Day 2 of my Facebook live adventure, I talked about my favorite stones! I could run my mouth when talking about stones so this video is a little longer than expected! This episode became a Show and Tell Thursday. Hahaha.. I answered 2 questions today, both questions came were asked by Danica Asurdžić from Serbia. What is my favorite stone? Do I believe in the healing powers of crystals? Find the answers in this video below. Click…

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