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Featured on the right is a custom heart pendant in mixed metal.

Can a piece of jewelry show your true personality?

  • Do you need to add a little drama to your everyday outfit?

  • What about wearing artistic one of a kind jewelry that no one else has?

  • Have you ever wished there was a designer that could create your dream jewelry?

silver bird necklace by popnicute jewelry

If you answered YES to any or all of these questions, you are in the right place.

Like one of my best clients once told me,



With my unique vision, your dream jewelry comes to life.

My mission as a Dream Visualist is to bring joy to adventurous and quirky individuals like you by making whimsical art jewelry that empowers your creative soul and will become a part of your legacy. I want you to feel inspired when you wear Popnicute Jewelry: feeling confident, positive, and beautiful knowing everything you do will go right.

With every texture and layer, I infuse a little bit of happiness on each piece I make. ♥ Let me create a custom art jewelry like none other just for you!


For a general inquiry please use the other Contact form

Depends on the time of order, a custom piece can take up to 90 days or more to make.

Plan early especially around holidays!

A minimum budget for the first custom order is $250.

Having problems with this form? Fill the form here or call 1-217-316-5351.

Custom art jewelry

bespoke jewelry camilla rose sterling silver ring

Aa s true rose aficionado, Michi wanted a rose ring to go with her necklace and bracelet. That's how the Camilla Rose ring was born.

steampunk winged heart brass copper popnicute

Ling from Singapore, who is a fan of anime and manga, wanted a winged heart for herself, so a Popnicute styled manga-inspired heart she got.

decorative silver bail by popnicute jewelry

A decorative bail created from sterling silver commissioned by my cousin in Indonesia to hold a carved lapis lazuli pendant.

popnicute hearts love token

Mamush came to me with a heartwarming story to propose to his Joan with this heart as the token of his love.

She said YES!

jewel beetle by popnicute jewelry

This Jewel Beetle pendant was requested by my husband and it won a Second place at the international 2014 Foldforming Competition.

My husband got good ideas.

bespoke jewelry camilla rose sterling silver leather bracelet

Camilla Rose bracelet made for a client of mine who absolutely love roses. This is a part of a 3 piece jewelry set.

I highly recommend this artist! I recently received three gorgeous custom-made pieces that just blew me away! Thank you so much, Kharisma! The pod necklace you made for my mother-in-law is just absolutely stunning! Your attention to detail is just amazing! I also LOVE my bracelets! Again, just beautiful pieces! I cannot wait to see my Heart of Michi!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Michi Rives
cornucopia air chased foldform necklace by popnicute jewelry

After buying and commissioned me of many smaller pieces, this time, Donna from Florida wanted a larger than life necklace to wear. 

She sent me a broken Aquamarine ring of hers that she bought at Santorini island many years ago for the stone to be reset in her new necklace.

This is what I came up with 🙂 She was elated!


Eila came back to me with a new project. This time it was an aromatherapy pendant.

This one has a really cool drawer to store the leather. It's an interactive pendant that's perfect for a fiddler.

Watch it in action on my Facebook page.

custom art jewelry camilla rose sterling silver necklace

Michi asked me to make her a rose necklace. Later on she ordered a second one to give to her BFF as gift.

happy popnicute clients

Look at how happy they are at the gift reveal for the Camilla Rose necklace!

heart of eila popnicute hearts nami league of legends

Eila is a huge fan of the game League of Legends, especially the character Nami. Besides being a fan of the game, she's a self-declared long fan of Popnicute Jewelry.

I made this heart necklace for her. The frame shape was inspired by Nami's tidal staff while the bail was inspired by her headdress.

seahorse popnicute hearts by popnicute jewelry

Someone liked seahorses so much she commissioned me to make her a seahorse heart necklace. Now she's a lucky person to own a one of a kind seahorse heart.

The coral fossil heart is a true match for this sea-themed pendant.

popnicute hearts handmade jewelry

Kelly commissioned me two hearts at once. The other one has a cross on it and this one got a gorgeous green labradorite. 

A truly one of a kind piece.

Check out these Popnicute Hearts in action!

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