Frequently Asked Questions

esoterica agate brass necklace by popnicute jewelry
Labradorite heart copper by popnicute jewelry

Popnicute is an abbreviation of POPular, uNIque, and CUTE. In this name lays my hopes that my jewelry will be popular one day and to always come up with unique, original designs that are irrefutably cute and charming! 🙂

Popnicute Hearts is a popular collection from Popnicute Jewelry. Each heart is uniquely made, designed exclusively by yours truly, according to customer’s specification. 

YES. I make every design by hand. I don’t use molds and/or a press unless stated otherwise. I’m also building a good relationship and supporting lapidary artists in the USA by purchasing their hand cut stones. My jewelry are proudly handmade in Quincy, Illinois.

Absolutely! As a Dream Visualist, I’d love to create a special design just for you. Please fill out the Custom Jewelry Inquiry Form. The more details you tell me, the better. Let me get to know you or the person you wish to make the piece for. Terms and conditions apply.

If it’s something that I think can be done, I would love to help you with that. Contact me and we’ll discuss it privately.

NO, I won’t make copies of someone else’s designs. That’s against the copyright laws as well as my business and personal ethics. However, I’d gladly take the design as an inspiration and later create you a new design in Popnicute’s style. I promise you the end design won’t look anything like the sample 😉 

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If it’s one of Popnicute Jewelry designs, I’d be gladly fix it for you. Depends on the level of fixing needed, some fees may occur. Contact me.

I only fix the jewelry I created.

I have a Bachelor degree for Visual Communication Design which I believe strongly influenced my design aesthetic. Aside from that, I’m mostly self-taught from books, online courses, and tutorials. Big thanks to the internet and jewelers around the world who have been so generous in sharing their knowledge.

My prices are firm but I offer a payment plan if you need it. 

YES. We have hundreds of satisfied customers in more than 35 countries around the world. 


On the product page, hit the Learn More on the FLEXIBLE PAYMENT text underneath the product description.

You can select the amount to pay the downpayment and then select the frequency of the payment.

You may need to create an account with to start your first payment plan.

But the good news is, everything is automatic! Everything is taken care of for you so you don’t have to worry about missing a payment.

Any jewelry purchased with a payment plan will ship AFTER the last payment is completed. If you’re shopping for a gift, plan it accordingly.

PS: please be courteous to others and do not cancel the payment midway through. This is to ensure that everyone gets the same chance of getting a one-of-a-kind piece. Cancelation will prevent you from participating in future events.

Argentium silver is a new breed of sterling silver that contains higher silver content than the standard sterling silver. They added germanium to the alloy replacing some of the copper content which in turn made it highly tarnish resistant when compared to traditional sterling silver. Argentium silver is made with only RECYCLED SILVER and NICKLE-FREE. For more info about argentium silver, please go to Metal Facts page.

I can’t stand cigarette smoke. My jewelry is proudly made inside a smoke-free home studio.

Not currently but we had a cat and I grew up in a family with many dogs. 

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I love your work. Where can I follow you?

Please go to Shipping & Return page to read about my return policy. ~ art photography prints by Kharisma Sommers. This is where I sell my macro photography of flowers and tiny insects that I found around the neighborhood.