I’m Going to Fight YouTube Demonetization

fight youtube demonetization

I received the dreaded YouTube email that my channel will be demonetized. 

What's going on, YouTube?

I received the dreaded YouTube email that my channel will be demonetized. See, I’m not worried about losing $100/year from YouTube but I’m more concerned about what else would they take from my control panel as it’s not explained on the email. For now it’s the monetization, what’s next? You never know! Youtube is making changes in 2018 and we can’t do anything about it.

Some argued that it’s actually a positive thing and a popular youtube creator, Sean Cannell, had a nice explanation and positive encouragement to smaller channels how to go along with Youtube’s new set of rules.

As I’m turning my brain what can I do in light of this new situation that I suddenly find myself in, Maya Angelou’s advice ringed in my head,

“If you don’t like something, change it.
If you can’t change it, change your attitude about it.”


So here's the plan...

It’s not the end of the world, it’s not a terminal illness, it’s a chance to take ownership and challenge myself to be a better content creator. I’m so close yet so far. I can’t create curated 5-10 minutes videos to gain this much watch time in 30 days. So instead of wasting my time on video editing, I will be creating, making jewelry live on camera! Take that YouTube!

I will go live every day on YouTube for the next 28 days to gain the 80-90k minutes of views that I lacked. I will make jewelry in real time in front of the camera. I’ve done the math, I need 47 hours of watch time PER DAY to fulfill this goal.

I welcome any suggestions what to make and to spice things up a bit I will answer questions that are thrown at me on a live broadcast. I will open live challenges as well when the topic calls for it. Put me on a spot, make with me, laugh with me, hang out with me. Let’s chill and beat YouTube.

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Direct link to the live broadcast:


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PS: Even if you can’t catch me live on camera, you can watch the replay. I will appreciate it even if you run my video in the background.

Watch this video below.

Youtube demonetization. I received the dreaded YouTube email that my channel will be demonetized. I'm not worried about losing $100/year from YouTube but I'm more concerned about what else would they take from my control panel as it's not explained on the email.
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