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Kharisma Sommers jewelry designer

Kharisma Sommers

Award Winning Jewelry Designer and Metalsmith


  • Self-taught metalsmith and jewery designer.
  • Backyard macro photographer.
  • Her work has been published in Indonesia, USA, & UK.
  • Has a BFA for Visual Communication Design.
  • Loves a good challenge, animals, and her husband. 
  • Speaks fluent English and Bahasa.

My Story

dandelion wave white fluffy flower
A photo I took of a white dandelion in my backyard.

I was born and raised in Surabaya, Indonesia to a set of parents who were supportive of my interests and hobbies; my artistic ability was nurtured and flourished. I've been creating and selling my handmade jewelry to my schoolmates since junior high up to college, on and off, to earn some pocket money. From simple paracord adjustable bracelets to beaded necklace, twisted steel wire crystal necklaces and tiaras. I just loved jewelry as much as making them! Everything I did was learned from books. Internet wasn't a thing back then.

I've always wanted to stand out instead of being a blur in the background. True to my personality, my interest in wire wrapped jewelry was piqued when my American boyfriend showed me a wire wrapped jewelry at deviantArt. I'd never seen such an art form before so I investigated further. Aware of my interest, he brought me several spools of colorful craft wire when he came to visit. I bought a few wire wrapping tutorials to get me started and I was unstoppable.

After four years of a long distance relationship, in 2010 I officially emigrated to IL, USA, to marry the love of my life. Moving half the world away wasn't so hard for me despite being away from friends and family. I immediately felt at home just being so immersed in American pop culture as a kid; from music to art, TV shows to Hollywood movies. I grew up listening to Britney Spears, N'Sync, Backstreet Boys, and many more. I was a 90’s kid through and through.

Before getting into jewelry business, I worked as a freelance graphic designer and accepting digital painting commissions. Doing commissioned works just feels natural for me. I'm a problem solver who loves a good challenge and I love making other people happy with my artwork.

Moving to the US has proven to be good for me and my jewelry business. The tools and materials that I need are easily obtained here. My skill sets have grown exponentially ever since. In addition to jewelry, I'm also a backyard photographer. I love taking photos of flowers and little bugs with my macro lens when it's warmer outside and use them as my inspiration.

My Mission

To create carefully crafted, heirloom quality jewelry for art patrons worldwide, that will become a part of their history and legacy.

I want you to feel empowered when you wear Popnicute Jewelry; feeling confident and beautiful knowing you will stand out in the crowd.

Every purchase you make here will bring me closer to my dream. Thank you for being a patron of Popnicute Jewelry. Together, we will build a better future.

Kharisma Sommers

My Dreams

I have a dream to build a jewelry school, maybe called The Kharisma School of Jewelers (I’m not married to that name yet) that’s fully funded by regular donations from art patrons. The purpose of having a large amount of donors is to be able to provide quality teachers while keeping the students’ cost low. The students will pay minimal fees to take classes at TKSJ and in contrast, the teachers will be rewarded handsomely.

Right now the cost of acquiring an art degree is quite high. Many aspiring artists simply don’t have the funds and/or time to learn in proper schools and they resort to courses. For example, a weekend masterclass could cost anywhere from $800 to a few thousand dollars before expenses. As a result, only a select few could afford attending these classes. My school will help poor artists jump start their businesses focusing on both the technical skills and the business aspects. That way, anyone who takes classes at my facility will know how to properly run a business; how to pay taxes, calculate profits, etc.

In my perfect world, my school will help creating awesome artists of the future who actually know how to run a business and prosper from it. Depending on popularity and the amount of donors, it would be possible to open more schools in different cities throughout United States of America.


Me, in my ever-changing jewelry studio.

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