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The vision is simple

To bring you empowerment and happiness through high quality jewelry.

Daisy earrings, sterling silver ear posts by Popnicute Jewelry

Jewelry that connects

For you, jewelry is more than just bling on your finger. You want a personal connection with your jewelry; to have a story you can tell to your curious friends. Seeing your vision come to life is exciting!


It’s more than just jewelry: it’s an experience!

My unique vision, your dream jewelry.

Enter Popnicute. My range of personalized jewelry, which are whimsical, bohemian, and a little bit theatrical, are made exclusively for you. 

“Would you make me new jewelry out of these old necklaces?”

When my parents saw that I got serious with jewelry making, my mom put me in charge of remodeling her 80’s beaded necklaces. She was my first custom order jewelry client and soon after my myriad of stylish aunts followed suit (5 of them).


Are you ready for the jewelry of your dreams?



kharisma sommers jewelry designer

Having a supportive family who celebrated my uniqueness and creative endeavors, I grew up to be a positively happy person. With my constant tinkering and my desire to be different, I grew unsatisfied with manufactured jewelry. Once I learned that wire wrap jewelry was something I could do, I was unstoppable.

“I'm a problem solver who loves a good challenge.”

Influenced by my island home, its cultural diversity, and my childhood, I developed my unique style that became Popnicute, an endearing name composed by three powerful words: POPular, uNIque, and CUTE, loved by adventurous and creative people alike for its polished yet whimsical appearance. When I come home to my hometown, I’m still that Kharisma who talks in a thick Surabayan dialect and goes out hungry at 9 PM for some street food snacks.

Listen to me talk in my Surabayan accent/dialect in the video below. It’s fully captioned in English and Bahasa (Indonesian).

Pop in!

Explore my jewelry collections to find the next piece of jewelry that you can’t part with


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