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Daisy earrings, sterling silver ear posts by Popnicute Jewelry

Popnicute is more than just jewelry: it's an experience!

You don’t buy jewelry just because it’s pretty.

For you, jewelry may hold more meaning than a shiny item on your finger. You have an emotional connection with your jewelry. The pieces you wear are often the start of many meaningful conversations. You collect jewelry to mark a happy occasion and surprise others with mindful gifting.


Joy is Always the Goal.

Art jewelry to celebrate a special milestone. Something that calls your artistic soul, an extraordinary talisman, custom-made especially for you. 

Nothing pretentious but something real that highlights the true you. 

A dreamer, easy-going, forward-thinking feminist who fights against any mold that doesn't serve your free spirit.


kharisma sommers jewelry designer


“The Dream Visualist”

I suffered a lot from misogyny and sexism disguised as a cultural and religious norm as a kid. That led me to rebel and became a tomboy as one way to empower myself. Through my jewelry designs, I want to tell other women that it’s okay to be different.


Have you ever felt like leaving the toxic culture you were born into?

That’s what I did. It’s okay to cut ties or drop tradition that doesn’t serve you. The change starts with you.

I’m a rebel with a cause. I’m on a mission to dress you up differently than those around you with my jewelry collections

Let’s join hands to break the mold the society so kindly put us in.


Perfectionism meets artistic liberation.

My mom taught me about perfectionism and quality craftsmanship.

As a Virgo, she couldn’t stand anything that’s out of the line. Growing up, I watched her undoing the seams of the dress she’s made, over and over again, when it’s slightly arching. Everything must be tailored to Chanel’s highest standard. Watching her stressing about straight lines made me go the opposite way.

The Aries in me defiantly declared mutiny against straight lines in my designs. Tossed! Boycotted! Banned! Mwahahaha… And instead of undoing, I’m adding (details).

But luckily for you, her lessons on quality were drilled into me and it’s always, ALWAYS, my top priority.

She also gave me a passion for re-purposing.

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Could you please transform these old necklaces into new pieces of jewelry?

~ Mom

Whether you want to bring a new life to your old jewelry like my mom did or to design you a fresh new one, I’m your girl. I made her happy and like they said, the rest is herstory.


I have a love affair with colors. Beautiful colors energize my sunny personality. This is also the reason why I dislike winter. It’s too drab and cold it sucks my energy dry.

Call me crazy but I love stones with inclusion more than flawless diamonds. Don’t get me wrong… While I do love the sparkles in diamonds, patterned and colored stones won me over with their quirkiness and individuality.

For a visually inclined person like myself, the patterns, colors, and textures of unearthed treasures from millions of years ago light my brain like fireworks. There’s something about them that made me go “oooohhhh”. I love thinking of ways on how to transfer and enhance these natural beauties into my jewelry creations.

My jewelry being smooth is another obsession of mine to please the sensory neurons on my fingers. That’s why Popnicute Jewelry is known to be smooth to touch though highly textural.


I like to work on one piece of jewelry at a time. Though I try to start with a clean bench, it’s a sight to see the state of my work area by the end of it. When I’m entering the flow, my mind dances with ideas.

My initial sketched design may sway in a different direction once I’m handling the metal and the stone. I let them speak to me and lead me to the finish line. Knowing when to finish is often the hardest decision as my intuition often whispers “more details, please“.


People often describe my work as “Popnicute” style for a lack of a better word. While unable to keep a houseplant alive, I’m deeply inspired by the organic shapes of flora and fauna infused with a healthy dose of my upbringing. 

Being raised by a group of ladies that are in the fashion industry, textile is my other source of inspiration ─ as I have been exposed to countless quality fabrics my whole life.

Tactile, intricate, textural, whimsical, artsy, sophisticated topped with the essence of youth and the boldness of a tomboy.


Try to describe that in one word ─ I challenge you 😉 

Quilted Daisy flower brooch by Popnicute Jewelry

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