Popnicute Jewelry to be Featured Artist at Alliance Art Gallery

Alliance Art Gallery in Hannibal, MO, featured Popnicute Jewelry for the month of August 2018.

Honored to be a guest artist for the month of August 2018.

So I landed as a guest artist of the month! Yaasss!

Last year, The Alliance Art Gallery offered me a guest artist spot for this year (2018) and of course I graciously accepted the offer!!!!! 😀 Hannibal newspaper wrote a nice piece about my artisan jewelry too.

The opening reception to be held on Saturday, August 11, 2018 from 5 – 8 PM CST. I was scheduled to say a few words before the art giveaway. I hope to see you there!

At the beginning of this year, after enrolling to a fantastic course and doing some soul-searching (so dramatic! LOL), I have narrowed down my niche to nature and textile inspired. I believe this will make a positive impact to my business. I’m very proud of the collections that are displayed at the Alliance Art Gallery as they look cohesive and in line with my niche. The three collections that I’m displaying are:

A few of Popnicute Jewelry’s statement pieces to be displayed at the gallery.

Artist statement

On their blog, the Alliance Art Gallery wrote a really nice piece about my art jewelry. To quote my artist statement:

My body of work is heavily inspired by nature and textiles. Despite choosing to be a teenage tomboy to disrupt the sexist culture I grew up in, I’ve been fond of ruffles ever since I could remember. My mom taught me to sew and hand embroider. These skills definitely influence my creative vision and are apparent within the ruffles and stitching elements in my work.

My whimsical nature seeps through the design of my jewelry: from the playful look of my birds to ruffles and fluid, swirly lines. I love layering and texturing the metal to add depth and intrigue. With a passion to travel the world, my jewelry appeals to the wanderlust and creative soul within each of us.

Past, Present, Future...

I still remember those teenage tomboy years quite vividly. I refused to wear any skirt (aside from school uniforms), I had my hair cut really short so I looked like a boy. Seeing how boys had more fun and less restrictions, naturally, I wanted to be one of them. 

Entering junior high, the Catholic school principal told my mom that “Ma’am, she looks too much like a boy please piece her ears.” (Yeah, they could absolutely make silly requests like that in Indonesia back then!

Though I grinned ear to ear to his “compliment”, by that time my baby piercings were already closed so I had to go to the mall and had them re-pierced with a piercing gun. Although, remember that I just told you that my school uniform was a skirt? The BS I had to put up with as a teen! (LOL).

On my off days I could be found wearing baggy t-shirt and plaid over shirt over the faded blue jeans! Viva the 90’s grunge style! Hahaha. 

Enough reminiscing my glorious past and let’s go back to the present time. I’ve been putting myself out there more and more this year. I hope this year will only be a beginning of great things! I’ll drink (water) to that! 😉

My display at the Alliance Art Gallery. I’m digging the cork background in this display shelf!


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