Golden Snail Earrings


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Golden Snail Earrings


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Keong Emas Golden Applesnail Earrings. Gold Filled and Argentium Silver Earrings by Popnicute Jewelry.

Keong Emas. A story about a princess who was cursed into a golden snail (channeled applesnail) to separate her from her true love. But as the story goes, the lover crown prince found his way back to her with the help of a kind old lady and they lived happily ever after in the palace.
Read the story in my Tiktok: The Legend of Keong Emas.
What a special ammonite fossil pair. These gold-filled earrings are not twins but they’re sisters with their own quirky personalities. One of them may show a little surface imperfection but that’s the nature of handmade. I didn’t want to rub the gold off the surface so they are what they are 🙂
The combination of gold-filled and argentium sterling silver is darling. The snail ammonite fossils are cradled with a scalloped fine silver bezel.


  • Earrings Size: 45 mm tall x 28 wide (1.75″ x 1.125″)
  • Earrings drop: 55 mm including the hooks.
  • Earring hooks: 19 gauge.


About Gold Filled:

I used 14/20 gold-filled sheet for this pair of earrings. 14/20 means it’s 14 karat gold with 5% of gold in relation to the weight of the sheet metal. The core metal is 90% copper, 10% zinc. The benefit of gold-filled jewelry is to have the longevity of solid gold jewelry without the price tag. Gold-filled won’t rub off with wear like gold plating. It will stay gold forever unless you grind the gold off.

Watch the story:


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