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Custom Easter Egg Bunny Necklace – Harry Potter


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  • Harry Potter, Philosophers' Stone, Easter egg bunny necklace, copper brass necklace, popnicute jewelry, royal imperial jasper
  • Magical Aries-clasp Necklace Converter™ by Popnicute Jewelry in copper
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Harry Potter Easter Egg Bunny Necklace with Broom, Sorting Hat, Philosophers’ Stone.

  • I’m approximately 70 mm tall (2.75″) and 35 mm wide (1.3″).
  • I hang from an 18-inch chunky copper necklace.
  • I have a citrine on my nose.
  • I ride a magical broom.
  • I wear the sorting hat.
  • I carry the Philosophers’ (Sorcerer’s) Stone

Aries clasp is optional.

Harry Potter is a character created by J.K. Rowling that made her a household name.


PS: check the photos, I included a sample of micro folding that I could do to create the Sorcerer’s hat from a copper sheet.


I’m Poh checking in. I’m Harry Potter.

I was a clueless but curious child

They said curiosity killed the cat
But mine helped me to thrive
And saved the world

Hedwig is suddenly a lot scarier
When you’re a rabbit

The only thing that keeps me
From falling down of the broom
Is definitely not thumbs

Now let’s hide this Philosophers’ Stone
Before it becomes red
And powerful

Will you keep it safe from V… You-Know-Who?


Each one of these Easter Egg Bunnies is one of a kind as I’m making them from scratch. Watch the video below.

@popnicuteEaster bunny ##bts ##handmadejewelry ##jewelrytok ##metalsmith ##artisanjewelry ##easterbunnychallenge ##bunny ##rabbitsoftiktok ##popnicute ##easter ##Bigger♬ Bunny, Bunny, Bunny – The Golden Orchestra

A true piece of art jewelry. Signed with Popnicute Jewelry logo at the back.

  • Body: Brass
  • Ears: Copper
  • Broom: Copper, brass
  • Sorting hat: Copper
  • Glasses: Silver
  • Chain necklace: Copper, 18″
  • I carry a Philosophers’ Stone (Royal Imperial Jasper)


Harry Potter is a character created by J.K. Rowling that made her a household name.

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