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Magical W-Clasp Necklace Converter™ – Sterling Silver


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  • Magical W-clasp Necklace Converter™ by Popnicute Jewelry in Argentium Sterling Silver
  • Magical S-clasp Necklace Converter™ by Popnicute Jewelry in Copper

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Do you wish you could wear your necklaces in more ways?

Do you wish to wear your long necklace short?

Popnicute Jewelry’s Magical W-Clasp Necklace Converter™ does exactly that!

This large W-clasp is the little sister of the Magical S-Clasp Necklace Converter™ (about 2″ long) will convert your favorite long necklaces short by simply hooking it up on your long chain. It does everything the S-clasp does but with an option to add a removable pendant on the middle loop (coming soon).

FIT CHECK: Fold your long necklace in half and if it made a complete circle around your neck, this Magical W-clasp Necklace Converter™ will do the trick for you.

Size is approximate due to its handmade nature but each one will be as beautiful as the next.

More designs and embellishments are coming soon! Have your own idea? Contact me and we’ll discuss how to make it yours.


Watch me demonstrating how to hook the Magical S-Clasp Necklace Converter™ to many styles of necklaces. Each one is done in no time. Get an instant layered look in seconds!


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