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Dandelion Posts Earrings


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Dandelion Posts Earrings


Silver Dandelion post earrings. These whimsical dandelion silver puffballs, made of dozens of thin wire, are meticulously wrapped together to bring you joy. I sold a pair of these dandelion earrings to a local patron and she came back to see me on the next art fair in town wearing them to show me how much she loved them! 😀

Please be aware that people will comment on it. Be mentally ready for compliments 😉

Check out the rest of the Make A Wish collection in my shop.

DIMENSION: 18 mm (3/4 inch). Model is 5’2″. Size may vary due to handmade nature.

EAR STUDS: 20 gauge.


Need something new? Custom orders are gladly accepted! Work with me.


Are these dandelion earrings for you?

If you love dandelions as much as I do, these earrings are for you. The Make A Wish collection is not meant to be worn during a workout or high level of activities as the wires could get caught in loosely woven fabrics like towels. These are great earrings for casual occasions or when you want to jazz up your workplace attire. These are also perfect for weddings. Please be aware that people will comment on it. Be mentally ready for compliments 😉

Dandelion symbolic meanings:

Dandelions are the symbols of positivity, progress, and survival. The white (puffball) is also a symbol of intelligence, as well as clarity, purity, cleansing, spirit/soul, space, and new beginnings. In some cultures, people blow the seeds to make a wish.


As with any artisan jewelry, please handle with care.

Original wearable art design by Popnicute Jewelry. Handmade in the USA.


Additional information

Dimensions18 × 18 mm


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