Sunflowers and Beehives


Beehive honeycomb necklace, sunflower earrings by Popnicute Jewelry on model

An artistic interpretation of the sunflowers and beehives in whimsical designs that are aimed to tickle your creative senses.

Somewhat realistic but also artistic, I took this collection to another level of awesome. Realistic looking flower petals and wholesome honeycombs jewelry. Textural, layered, versatile, a truly exquisite collection to wear without wearing you down. 

Check out the necklaces. They can be worn in multiple ways to suit your mood and outfit. Express yourself with this fantastic collection of artfully made jewelry!

4-in-1 sunflower necklace with pineapple quartz, rutilated quartz, and citrine. Art jewelry by Popnicute.
Sunflower petals with Pineapple quartzbeads drop earrings by Popnicute Jewelry. on model.
4 in 1 Sunflower necklace with citrine and pinapple quartz by Popnicute Jewelry on model. Brass, copper, and argentium silver.
3 chain tassel sunflower earrings. Brass petals with srgentium silver hooks. Art jewelry by Popnicute.

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