My Top 3 Favorite Stones

Popnicute Jewelry Top 3 favorite stones

On Day 2 of my Facebook live adventure, I talked about my top 3 favorite stones! Can you guess?!

Prepare to be Shocked! ... Not.

I can run my mouth all day when talking about stones so this video is a little longer than expected! This episode became a Show and Tell Thursday. Hahaha.. Watch the video at the bottom of the page if you want to see a small part of my collection.

1. Labradorite

Of course it’s gotta be Labradorite, right? As a magpie, I have a shiny object syndrome. I’ve fallen in love with labradorite ever since I laid my eyes upon it. The directional flash of colors on it is so mesmerizing not to mention the various natural colors it came in. 

Having known for its labradorescence, I’ve personally seen blue, green, yellow, orange, and purple!! The purple ones may have been my favorite as it’s the most rare but all of them are equally beautiful. What happened millions of years ago also created some amazing fractals in labradorite. I’ve got some that have amazing stripes on them. Of course it had to be my favorite stone numero uno!

2. Agate

Another top favorite stone of mine is Agate! There are a lot of variations of agate which I mostly love. From Luna agate, Botswana agate, Moss agate, Crazy Lace agate, Plume agate, to drusy agate which is crystal encrusted for the extra sparkle. 

Botswana agate is known for their distinctive circular pattern. Crazy Lace, like its name, has a lacy, unruly layers that can look so beautiful with various colors on them. Moss agate has green inclusion in it that looks like moss, hence the name.

The most distinct feature of agate is that it’s a translucent stone or partially translucent. It’s a hard stone that can achieve high mirror polish just like labradorite.  This is a recent necklace that I finished in 2018 with a couple of dyed drusy agate on it.

I’m not a purist. Many stones today are color enhanced, even the precious gemstones. Dyed stones have their place in my world as long as they’re aesthetically pleasing. Some hack dye job may make the stone look worse and I won’t buy those.

3. Jasper

A close cousin of agate, Jasper is another natural stone with Mohs hardness of 6.5 – 7. In contrary to agate, jasper has an opaque appearance. It bears so many colors, largely in earthy tones like brick red, brown, tan, yellow, and sometimes pinkish like Willow jasper. 

I love picture jasper as they resemble a painting, Poppy jasper with its red orbital patterns, Ocean jasper that looks like ocean bubbles. If you haven’t caught up yet, most of these stones are named by their characteristics. Sea Sediment jasper is thought to be a manmade composite stone that came in various dye colors.

Ok. So those were my top 3 favorite stones. What are yours?

Let me know in the comment!

Popnicute Jewelry Top 3 favorite stones

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