Let's get you married,


engagement couple

Congratulations! You’re getting married to the person of your dreams!!

Maybe your idea of a wedding is different from everyone else’s. You want to break out of the norm. The wedding gown in your vision may not even be white.

You're the alternative bride .

Bridal Jewelry for the Non-tradional Bride.

Maybe you want a non-traditional wedding with an intimate, relaxed atmosphere where you can mingle and talk comfortably with your guests. A funky or a romantic event just for family and close friends, the people you know personally and love. Maybe serve cake pops instead of a wedding cake, and dance into the night barefooted (or in a pair of sneakers).

You want a wedding jewelry set that can be worn again and again instead of the one-time-use, over-the-top crystal encrusted princess tiara.

You’re you. You’re not someone else’s idea of a person. You know who you are and not afraid to show your personality on your wedding day.

Popnicute Jewelry has the right jewelry for you. Bearing original designs, they’re simple and feminine with a rebellious edge. The simpleness of the designs made them perfect for your bridesmaids and maid of honor, too. Gift them the gifts of quality as a sign of your love for them.

Discuss It with Me.

I would advise ordering at least 4 to 6 months in advance for a custom design so you can relax and focus on your honeymoon planning because I got your back, girl!


Every Popnicute Jewelry comes in a branded jewelry box. Gift ready.

Alternative jewelry for the alternative bride.

Do you need a one of a kind wedding jewelry?

As your Dream Visualist, I'm here to help.

I have a pair of custom argentium silver earrings made by Kharisma. They are gorgeous and exactly how I wanted them. They also came beautifully gift wrapped.

Vera Pospisil

Wow the heart looks so amazing and I'm excited to actually hold it!! I'm using this heart to propose to my Joan.